The First Realistic Juggling Simulator on the iPhone

February 19, 2010

iJuggling is the first realistic juggling simulator on the app store.

Juggle up to nine balls, with the left thumb controlling the left hand, and the right thumb controlling the right hand. Move the hand to catch the ball, release the hand to throw it.

You decided where and when to catch the ball, and when to throw it. In order to juggle all the balls you must time your catches and throws correctly.

The game contains 50 levels of juggling challenges, and also a Free Play mode where you can design your own patterns (the number of balls, how high each hand throws, where each hand throws, where each hand catches, air resistance strength).

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February 19, 2010



February 18, 2010

How do I play iJuggling?

Move the hand to the left or right to catch a ball, then release the hand to automatically throw it.

Can I manually throw the ball?

During development of the game, many control methods were investigated. A player’s thumbs being in permanent contact with the screen produced too much perspiration between the thumbs and the screen, making it very difficult to accurately control the balls on more challenging levels. The current control option was discovered to be the best and most fun way of playing the game.

How do I complete a level in Challenge Mode?

Perform 20 legal catches of the balls.

What is a legal catch?

If you are juggling with n balls, every n throws and n catches results in each ball being thrown and caught exactly once.

What does the parachute button do in Setup Mode?

If the parachute button is turned on, then air resistance will affect the balls. Each ball must be thrown harder to reach the same height and when the balls fall back to the ground they will fall more slowly. If the parachute button is turned off then air resistance does not affect the balls.

How can I watch the demo mode?

On the menu screen, do not touch the screen for several seconds. The demo mode will automatically start using a random juggling pattern.

User Questions / Comments / Suggestions

February 15, 2010

Please add a comment to this post to ask any questions and make any suggestions about what should be  included to future updates of iJuggling.